Your individual furniture, manufractured by your carpenter at a fair price.

Unique design

Individualy maleable

Local manufacturing

With the innovative online configurator from, we make it possible for you to individually design furniture to measure.
Your adjustments can be tracked simultaneously in the 3D representation during configuration.

You are able to make optimum use of your living space by adapting the height, width and depth as well as the compartments and doors of your desired furniture to your personal requirements.
In addition to various high-quality materials and colours, the shape of the piece of furniture can also be freely designed.
You have the choice between stylish, straight-line design or curved free forms.
There is no limit to your creativity when planning individual shelves or sideboards.
Become a designer yourself and ensure the uniqueness of your dream furniture.

After completion of the design, the processed data is sent directly to the carpenter's workshop.
In the carpenter's shop, the individual parts are milled according to the exact specifications and then given the final touch.


Unmistakably wavy edges, inspired by the organic forms of nature, give the pieces of furniture their unique appearance.
If you tend towards a linear look, this is also made possible by the numerous individualisation options of the award-winning 3D configurator by

Our furniture pieces have an intelligent plug-in system for easy assembly so that screws or additional tools are not required.
In addition to the possibility of designing furniture yourself, there are already several designs for shelves, TV furniture and chests of drawers available. These can be ordered directly, used for inspiration or as a basis for further customisation.

The designer team is also at your disposal for any special wishes you may have.
They will personally take care of your request and guarantee to find a solution for you.

Benefit from our configurator

Select your furniture

For high accuracy of fit, use the measurement service of your carpenter.

Individual adjustment

Configure it by yourself or let your professional Partner do the configuration.

Manufracturing & Building

Built it by your own or use our professional assembly service.

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